St. Neptune

by St. Neptune

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released June 10, 2015



all rights reserved


St. Neptune Bozeman, montana

Hi I'm Matt. This my band St. Neptune. Its all about grooving, feeling and loving good music on this front.

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Track Name: Trigance
Like the moon, I'm left waning
Wanting more than the night before
But the light I still have is fading
Raiding my mind for more

The clouds roll to the back of my mind
foging up my vision and slowing the time
If I stay here I might just die
from lack of Movement stopped in time

The clouds will go
where we dont know

We dont have to go no where
we can stay right here and breathe air
We can watch the clouds roll by
our eyes

The clouds will go
where we dont know
Track Name: The Morning Song
Words of love won't win any more
Not when your frozen to the core

Thawing out of the ice and snow
Sticking out my thumb and finding where to go

A fire around the fog
We walk through it, caught up in the morning song
Track Name: Look at Me Now
here is the only real me
and i dont know where im going
I dont need anything
Just want to be here

hey hey

Im sitting here outside my window
dont go...
dont go...
dont go...
dont go...

dont give up,
we dont know where we going
in or around the world
he i am
holding on to this can be
cant tell me why
I know why i am who i am

i am who i am

never saw the rain coming down
till i saw you and your face
making contact with the pavement
saying "hey look at the wet ground"
look at the wet ground
look at the wet ground
look at me now
look at the wet ground
look at me now
Track Name: Livin'
Money, Money
Makes you one
Till you find
What is Real Inside

Look around, At the world
all the people
keeping thier lives
in elcetric steel
not livin

I wont let it
get to me Yeah
i have to
got to keep livin
Track Name: Monday
looking beneath the apple tree I see
waves of you wearing emerald Green, I see
Hiding from the mondy
Friday found me in the haze

As the sun shines on me , you take me
Beyond this world and you take me
Hide away from the monday
Friday found me in the haze

the apple tree shades me and I sleep
next you while you read
Hiding from the monday
Friday found me in the haze